Day 13-Still Cherry Cider

Day 14-Aliens

Day 15-Hon-Yoks

Day 16-The Last Picture Show

Day 17-Six-Man Football Palace

Day 18-Shortgrass


Day 20-Hump Day

Day 21-Refereeing A Domestic Dispute

Day 22-Hobo and the Coach

Day 23-Up and Down In Arkansas

Day 24-Dog Days

Day 25-Rice Paddies

Day 26-The Greenville Bridge

Day 27-Thick Green Syrup

Day 28-Dog Statues

Day 29-You Go, Boy

Day 30-The Wheels Come Off

Day 31-Try A Faith Lift

Day 32-Wrong Turns and FDR

Day 33-Leave Nothin' Short

Day 34-Stars Through the Fog

Day 35-Human Baton

Day 36-Marsh Grass and Ocean Water

Day   1-Too Much Chew

Day   2-The Bathtub

Day   3-Alone In the Desert

Day   4-A Sustitute Family

Day   5-Yarnell Hill

Day   6-Catching Up

Day   7-Freeway Samaritan

Day   8-Boost From A Son

Day   9-The Forest

Day 10-The Purple Anvil

Day 11-Pie Town

Day 12-The Owl

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