"Riding with the Blue Moth is pure inspiration. It is a snapshot of American culture. Most significantly, this book offers a poignant, deeply personal and uplifting account of how this family responded to a tragic loss."      
      - Jim Nantz, CBS Sports-

"In these pages, we find a poignant, riveting road map for dealing with not only the horrors of death, but the joys of life."      
      -Christine Brennan, USA Today-

"Riding the Blue Moth is an adventure that takes the reader well beyond the mileage. The pure physical toil grows insignificant to the emotional heartache. But like the challenge of every new day, when the sun comes up, Mr. Hancock accepts what lies ahead and perseveres. He shows that human spirit and love of family, however beaten in his grotesque loss, rises above all else. By the end of the journey, it is clear that pedaling was the least of Hancock's effort and merely wetting his feet in the Atlantic was the least of his triumphs. The only thing more remarkable than the ride is the man."   
          -G. Burke-

"This book will make you smile, cry and want to spend as much time with your loved ones as possible. Since it grips you like a vice from the beginning it won't take long to finish it and it may even inspire you to buy a bike!!!"
          -P. Britz-

"Bill Hancock has written an exquisitely crafted memoir out of his heartbreak. Pedaling across the country was a means of coping with unbearable pain, and in doing so, he exorcised...the agony of losing his son, Will. His odyssey is also an accidental biography of the nation, in the small, incisive portraits of some of the people he encountered on the way. Taking the back roads as a means of avoiding the worst traffic, he encountered backyard America in all its variety. [Bill] has given us a memoir, a valentine to his son, and a legacy for his granddaughter. "
          -M. Willhoite-

"This book is a must read for anyone dealing with the loss of a loved one, a great personal challenge or even the casual reader who wants to get a great spiritual lift from a wonderful volume."
          -B. Carter-